Indisputably, the most special day in every couples life time, is their day of Marriage or Wedding day. It is a life changing moment that comes once in every person’s lifetime. Dias Decorators began their event management and event support specialist’s journey starting out a couple of decades ago as Wedding decorators.

Dias Decorators originally used to dress up and prep up the churches & temples for the blessed occasion of the marriage ceremony. They used to dress up the bridal couple’s car. Stage and Reception Halls decoration was done, long before the entry of Open Air Dance Floors for Weddings in Goa.

With Dias Decorators in charge of your Special Day, all you have to do is to be dressed, blessed and ready to say, “I Do” All of your wedding day developments are taken care of and all your organizing worries are put to rest.
Getting your wedding organized in Goa has become the fashion statement in India. Location always matters. Goa is a romantic destination and a mini paradise for lovers. Currently for couple of years, Goa has become the wedding destination of India.

Beach Weddings in Goa

Dias Decorators Steps to Superb Beach Wedding in Goa:

  1. Desiring a Beach Wedding in Goa, then all you have to do is choose the special Goa beach of your choice and leave the rest to the professional Dias Decorators in organizing your dream beach wedding and that too in Goa.
  2. Friends & Families & Relatives all love the great beaches of Goa. Inform & invite loved ones about your beach wedding in Goa.
  3. Decide upon your Budget or Wedding day expenses. Dias Decorators have organized beach weddings in Goa for all types of budgets and financial needs.
  4. Plan on your Food & Beverages Menu: Veg or Non Veg or Seafood only. The Culinary experts of beach weddings working for Dias Decorators are with you all the way.
  5. Goa beach wedding memories need to be captured on Still Photography and Videography too.
  6. Dias Decorators have multiple beach themes for you to choose from for your special wedding day in Goa.
  7. Live Band or Recorded DJ Music is a matter of choice that needs to be informed to the management of Dias Decorators in advance.
  8. Do you need any special assistance in booking the religious services of Priest, Pastor, Bhat, Pundit, Rabbi or Maulvi to be present to give you choicest blessings on the beach?
  9. Five Star Hotels & Resorts are located closely from all popular beaches of Goa. Dias Decorators also do the advance arrangements of Honeymoon Suite and other guest rooms too for close relatives.

Share this Golden occasion with close family & relatives, who can celebrate your wedding occasion, while you spend a blissful honeymoon in Goa. Dias Decorators is all the way with you in organizing your beach wedding in Goa.

Traditional Catholic Weddings

Traditional Catholic Weddings in Goa start with an Utor (requesting of bride’s hand in marriage) Engagement Ceremony & Party, Saddo (to be bride’s Red dress ceremony), Civil Registration ceremony, Church Banns, Chuddo (Bangle Ceremony), Ros (Coconut milk ceremony), Bicarenchem jevon (Beggars lunch) ceremony, Catholic Church Wedding Ritual and finally Wedding Reception / Party.

Dias Decorators have organized hundreds of traditional catholic weddings in Goa. Their services are greatly favoured and desired for the main Wedding Reception or Party which is generally held in spacious outdoor open air venues like gardens and special wedding venues.

As Wedding Organizers in Goa, Dias Decorators can handle everything right from your wedding invitation cards to the booking of your honeymoon suite in an exotic dream location.

Traditional Hindu Weddings

In Goa as generally elsewhere in India, there are 3 main parts in organizing any Traditional Hindu Wedding. Dias Decorators assists in organizing all 3 parts or any 1 of them too. They are:

  1. Pre-Preparation Ceremonies
  2. This involves the Haldi (Turmeric) ceremony, the Mehendi (Henna) ceremony and the decoration of Baraat (arrival of groom & family) procession. Including all of the above, Dias Decorators can also provide traditional Mandap decoration for the event.

  3. Traditional Marriage Ceremony
  4. This involves the Kanya Aagaaman (Bride Arrival), Jai Mala (Exchange of Garlands) ceremony, Kanyaadan ceremony (giving daughter in marriage), Vivaha Homa (Hindu religious rituals), Saptapadi (Seven Steps around the Fire), Mangalsutra (Sacred necklace) presentation to Bride, Aashirwaad & Bidaai Ceremony (Blessings & Farewell Greetings to Bride), Doli (Bride Vehicle) Decorations or Car Decor. Dias Decorators organize all the designs and decorations needed right from the Mandap setup till the Doli decor.

  5. Traditional Wedding Ceremony Reception

    Most of the Hindu weddings in Goa are planned and organized in spacious and beautifully decorated wedding halls or Open Air Wedding Venues in Goa. Dias Decorators of Merces, Goa provide all services such as Vegetarian Buffet Food Service, Stage Floral Decor, Maharajah & Maharani (King & Queen) Chairs, Perfume Spraying Machines, Recorded Indian Music, Lights decoration, Generator backup etc.


Top 5 Places for Destination Weddings in India
The Most Popular Places for an Indian Wedding

By Sharell Cook

The interest in India as a wedding destination has greatly grown in recent years. These days, not only do foreigners want to get married in spectacular venues all across the country, Indians do as well! The most popular locations for destination weddings in India are the authentic palaces of Rajasthan, and beaches of Goa (and now Kerala). Regal wedding or beach wedding, it's up to you to choose. One thing is important though; make sure you have a decent wedding planner or hotel event planner to do all the organizing. Their help will be invaluable.

Goa is Nos: 1 Destination & 1st Choice of Wedding Destination in India.

Source of Info:

Top 5 Modern Wedding Destinations in India
By S
atarupa Bhattacharya

Goa happens to be one of the best places for a destination wedding in the country. Tourists flock to its beaches just to tie the knot. The best way to plan a wedding here is to hire a wedding planner. Choosing a local planner will work in your favour as beach weddings require prior permission. The luxury hotels at Varca Beach and Morbor Beach, both in the southern part of Goa, are ideal for beach weddings. If you prefer a quiet garden ceremony, you can opt for resorts near Palolem Beach in south Goa. 

Source of Info:

Top 10 Expensive Wedding Venues in India
By Kanika Kothari

The Leela resorts, Goa

Goa, the land of beaches is not just ideal for planning a catholic wedding, but Hindu weddings can also be brightened up here. The Leela resorts in Goa have remained pioneers in planning and arranging grand weddings. The Leela is located on the picturesque and secluded Mobor beach, in south Goa.

Source of Info:

The Leela resorts, Goa - The Beach Wedding Destination 
Goa, the land of beaches is the dream location for weddings. It is famous for the picturesque beaches and the serene atmosphere and is not just ideal for planning a catholic wedding, but Hindu weddings can also be brightened up here. There are provisions for luxurious hotels, beach weddings are mostly preferred. The Leela resorts in Goa are considered as one of the ideal destinations to tie the knot. It is located on the picturesque and secluded Mobor beach, in south Goa.

Source of Info:

Dias Decorators welcomes all the couples in courtship, planning to get married soon to consider celebrating your wedding day in Goa. This is the most hip, hop and happening place to exchange your wedding vows or celebrate your marriage ceremonies. Marriages are made in heaven, wedding celebrations happen in paradise called Goa.

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