Event setups are not a 1 man effort but the conscious efforts of a professional team. Setups may be needed at private parties, weddings, political rallies, corporate events, or other business meeting or social occasions. Companies and individuals that want their events to be successful and look impressive to prospective clients and potential customers have to hire the services of established event management set up companies such as Dias Decorators.

Dias Decorators are famous in Merces, North Goa for Stage set ups, Lightings, Sound systems, Venue decorations, Theme setups, Outdoor event catering, Stage performers, Live entertainers, Live performers, Supply management chain for event, Event logistics, Site design, Rigging, Sound Engineering, Lights effects, Ambience drapes, Arches, Banquet Setups, Center piece, DJ Setup, Entrance Arches, Pathway lighting, Special effects, Building of props, Metal fabrications, etc.

Dias Decorators are also famous for:

  • Staging (flex/carpet)
  • Backdrop Framing & Fabricating (designer)
  • Entrances
  • Dance Floor (square / round)
  • L.E.D Dance Floor (16 X 16, 24 X 24, 24 X 16)
  • Chairs with cover and bows
  • Tables with cover / overlays
  • Blaster (confitee / paper)
  • Confetti Baskets / Pouches
  • Fireworks
  • Arial Shorts
  • Cake Table
  • Center Pieces
  • Flex printing, mounting and framing
  • Screening & Projection
  • Sound
  • Silent Generator & Genset

Some Standard Setups Suggested by Dias Decorators

Conference Style Setups
Conference Style setup is suggested for miniature groups (less than 20 people). It is consists of 6 rectangular tables placed side by side to function as one large table. Then Conference Chairs are positioned around the tables. Such conference style tables can be of multiple numbers.

Lecture Style Setups
Lecture style setups are best for all-purpose meetings and lectures for any size group. It consists of chairs in rows facing a stage.

U-Shape Style Setups
U Shape Style Setups is suitable for presentation to groups under 25 people. It is arranged with 6 rectangular tables placed in a U-shape and surrounded on the outside by chairs.

Hollow Square Setups
Hollow Square Setups is similar to the U-shape except that it is sheltered on all sides and can accommodate a larger group. This is best for discussions and not for presentations.

Classroom Style
Classroom Style Setups are used principally for conferences and other lectures requiring writing by the attendees. Narrow rectangular tables with up to three seats each are setup in rows facing a face or table on a high raised platform.

Banquet Style Set Ups
Banquet style set ups are common for banquet or meetings with meals. It consists of 60 round tables encircled with up to 8 chairs each.