Corporate training is a way to make sure that the workforce improves their working skills and boost performance by focusing on professional development.  Companies use corporate training to become accustomed to new environment, educate new skills and to allow employees to work towards promotions and self growth within the hierarchy of the organization.

Team Work
In this Corporate Training we have Professional Corporate Trainers who put your Company workforce into new outdoor environments where challenges are created to force each and every participant to work as a team to solve the problem and to successfully achieve the goal. This is done by Dias Decorators by initiating Team Building & Team Work challenge activities in the open adventurous outdoors of Goa.
Trekking to a Waterfall
Build physical stamina & self-confidence while assisting the weak participants in your team to complete the difficult trek in time. Enjoy a refreshing splash in a Virgin Waterfall in the end. This trekking programme reinforces the moral that dedicated efforts get definite rewards. This is the law of the natural jungle and the law of corporate world too.
Rock Climbing & Abseiling 
This outdoor activity takes a person face to face with ones fears and physical limitations. A professional mountaineer & motivator encourages employees to break through self imposed barriers and cross their limitations to climb to a new successful vantage point. Encourages employees to climb greater heights of the Corporate ladder to enjoy new heights of success.
Caving in Goa
There are Tiger Caves in North Goa where one has to physically depend on each other to climb Tiger Hill to enter into Vagheri Caves. In this caving exercise, by taking participants into new & unfamiliar environment encourages employees in a very subtle manner for them to welcome challenges and changing circumstances in the working environment too.
Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is all about co-ordination and healthy competition striving as individuals and as a team to outperform and win by reaching the destination at the set time. In corporate Training Mountain biking is to communicate corporate lessons while cycling out in the open environments of Goa. Lessons learnt are team work, individual contribution, supporting the weak, motivating others, discovering new routes and completing the set course together as a team. Employees learn in this environment that individually & together they have to manage safety and support to become successful in completing the course together.
River Rafting
While navigating the white water rapids of Goa, the team is forced to follow instructions from one leader in the front of the raft who leads the gang of rafters safely to shore while enjoying the riverside scenery, a bathing dip in the sweet waters and watching exotic birdlife. Working as a team to follow the map through the rapids gives a strong sense of achieving together!
Communication training
Without effective & efficient communication, no organization can become successful. On the contrary bad communication skills can bring down a company to the brink of financial disaster. In all working environments conveying information to the right people at the right time in the right way leads to successful and desired action and results. Communication skill training games are the most impressive tool for improving and strengthening communication skills within a group of individuals. In a fun environment it is easier to learn. In communication training games, one is exhorted just to Look, Listen & Learn.
Leadership Training
Companies & Corporate houses require strong leaders and by offering outdoor fun courses and activity workshops to present employees, they are able to build tough teams within a business organization. It is much easier for top level management to notice and pick out the future possible leaders in a natural and fun learning environment.
Talent Development
Talent development can be done onsite with the company premises or off site in open air natural environments such as Goa. Talent development as part of human resource development is the continuous process of changing any organization, its employees and its leaders. Talent development involves new training, career development opportunities, career management changes and an opportunity to grow ones skill sets within the same organization.
Bonding Activities
All work and no play burns out a potential employee at the end of the day. Hence it is very important for companies and organizations to spend and sponsor fun activities, physical games, day trips, picnics and adventure activities all merged with education of the company policies and practices. For Example: Conference in a Beach Resort in Goa, Meetings at a 5 Star hotel in Goa, Annual General Meetings at Goa etc.